Households account for the largest share of EU food waste. Household food waste is a key concern for all members of the food chain, because when food is wasted all the resources and effort that went into producing the product are wasted.

Food and drink manufacturers are helping consumers to prevent food waste by contributing to awareness-raising campaigns, providing information on how to optimise the use and storage of food products and adapting packaged portions to fit consumers’ needs.

Providing a variety of portion sizes (e.g. single portion packs and family packs) help consumers prepare the right amount of food to fit their needs

On-pack indications help consumers measure the right amount of food, while instructions help consumers to optimise the storage and preparation of food

Communication campaigns help to raise consumer awareness and motivate consumers to prevent food waste


PepsiCo, McCain and Unilever in value chain coalition to fight food waste

PepsiCo, McCain and Unilever Food Solutions have joined forces with WWF, Sodexo and other companies to fight against food waste in the food services sector, starting in Europe. The International Food Waste Coalition was launched in 2015 and is undertaking concrete actions to maximise the collective impact.

The coalition is piloting a project in schools in several EU countries to identify where food waste is happening in the different steps of the chain, find efficient solutions, and at the end of the chain, to create awareness among students and teachers.


UK food and drink producers inform over 3 million Britons about food waste prevention

The UK food and drink federation helped to develop the award winning ‘Fresher for Longer’ behavioural change initiative launched in March 2013 under the Waste & Resources Action Programme’s (WRAP) Love Food Hate Waste campaign.

It aims to demonstrate to consumers how better use of packaging – and the information it carries – can help them reduce the amount of food that gets thrown away at home, saving them money and helping the environment. On the day Fresher for Longer launched, it reached more than three million Britons through national press and radio coverage and social media.


French food and drink manufacturers help consumers reduce food waste

To help raise awareness about food waste, the French food and drink industry association (ANIA) has developed an interactive consumer-facing online game about food waste reduction on its website (JEUX NE GASPILLE PAS!). It includes tips for consumers about where to store food in the fridge to keep food at its best.


Spanish dairy producer initiates social movement on food waste

Spanish dairy producer Calidad Pascual has created a social movement whose key communication concepts are: Reduce, Save, Protect (RAP: Reduce, Ahorra y Protege). This initiative aims to raise awareness about the need to reduce the amount of food wasted along the agri-food chain, as well as to inform people about the most important benefits associated with this reduction for the whole agri-food chain.

Various public events and social network activities to raise awareness have been carried out, and in 2015, a good practices manual in preventing food waste was developed.


PG Tips food waste collection campaign

A Unilever UK tea brand (PG Tips) has driven an awareness campaign to include tea bags as part of food waste collection and infrastructure partnership. The aim is to reduce the amount of tea bags send for disposal at landfill via a pledge campaign to educate, motivate and change behaviour of UK tea drinkers.

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