Continue raising awareness

Food and drink manufacturers will continue to contribute towards communication campaigns and action plans to prevent litter, such as An Taisce in Ireland, Gestes Propres in France and Mooimakers/BeWapp in Belgium. FoodDrinkEurope will continue to advocate for education and awareness-raising campaigns as a crucial part of a long-term joint effort to stop litter from arising in the first place, along with collection, improving waste management infrastructure and developing a range of end-of-life solutions.

Belgium: Action plan to fight litter

In Belgium, the packaging industry made an agreement with the authorities to cooperate in fighting litter. An action plan is being executed in cooperation with the authorities by Mooimakers and BeWapp. This action plan is based on five pillars: awareness-raising, infrastructure, environment, participation and enforcement. Every year, the packaging industry invests EUR 17 million to put the action plan into practice via the national EPR system for household packaging waste.

Nestlé: Raising consumers’ awareness

Nestlé Waters has contributed to raising consumers’ awareness through various brand platforms and corporate educational programs such as R-Generation, implemented in Italy, Argentina, United Kingdom and Thailand. Nestlé aims to further leverage the strength of its brands to engage with consumers on recycling behaviours through raising awareness and clearly informing consumers about the right way to dispose and recycle product packaging. In the UK, the R-generation programme reached over 700 children and made materials freely available to councils and schools by working with RECOUP, a national NGO that promotes recycling.

Lanjarón funds projects to tackle marine waste

Danone’s Spanish brand, Lanjarón Water, runs Project Reconecta to promote entrepreneurship, technological innovation and environmental protection. Reconecta’s objective is to promote initiatives that create more sustainable cities and help preserve our environment, and the second edition focused on marine waste in the Mediterranean Sea. Participants presented different ideas about how to fight this problem, and the winners received 80.000€ to develop their project.


Coca-Cola launches first Zero Waste City and works with Spanish Ministry to clean up coasts

In collaboration with the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment, Ecomar Foundation and the national associations, Coca-Cola launched Mares Circulares, its plan to clean up coasts & seabeds. 250 tons of waste are expected to be collected thanks to more than 1,000 volunteers and 50 fishing boats.

The aim is to also contemplate the recovery of natural spaces, a public awareness campaign and generation of data in the field of circular economy. In Greece, Thessaloniki will be the first ‘zero waste city’ all over Europe under the namesake program powered by Coca-Cola. The initiative aims to inspire people living “smarter” and better, leveraging circular economy by reducing plastic and managing waste, through a series of actions promoting intervention, education and awareness.

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