Policy recommendations for a resource efficient, circular economy

To unlock further sustainable growth and innovation for a resource efficient, circular economy in the food and drink industry, we recommend:

Taking food waste prevention actions that address the whole food chain

Implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goal on food waste at EU level

Developing a common EU food waste measurement methodology aligned with global standards

Setting up a food waste stakeholder’s platform with the involvement of all food chain actors and Member States

Clarifying EU legislation to facilitate food donation

Explore options to improve understanding of date marking without compromising food safety and quality

Maximising the value of raw materials by allowing more materials to remain products or to be classified as by-products

Promoting continuous improvement of the environmental performance of food and drink products along their life-cycle

Set Green Public Procurement criteria that observe overall life-cycle sustainability performance of food and drink products on a consistent, objective and scientifically reliable basis

Maintain waste to energy as a waste management option where justified by life cycle thinking

Promoting investment in research and development

Focusing on consumer education and changing public attitudes towards waste minimisation

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